Monday, February 21, 2005

A little bit...

I sent this song to a good friend, not really caring what the lyrics say. Felt something is amiss with my day today despite the loads of work I have, and the preparation I am making for my trip to Singapore tomorrow, so tried to listen to music to relax. Then this song played "A little bit" from MYMP. Listening to this song, I realized that I do miss him. I get "a little bit of crazy, a little bit of a fool. A little bit of lonely. A little bit of all. Oh, I need a cure. Just a little bit of you. And I will fall..."

To admit this is courage on my part. Tried to stop it but it keeps on slipping out. Have not heard from him for a week now. I'm trying sooo hard not to send him sms. Don't know until when I can contain the urge to do so.

Haven't felt this for years.

Hope he thinks of me too...

Friday, February 18, 2005

simply me Posted by Hello

Starting Up

Finally, having my own blog spot at this site. I'm at work but doing nothing much. Who can work efficiently with just 2 hours of sleep? Coffee may help but never was a coffee lover. Sitting here idly, surfing the net, when the idea of signing up here came up. At least, something is worth my stay here at the office. =)

I'm bound for Singapore next week for a class. First time to travel outside the country. First time to be away from my lalab ewok. You should meet him. He's very lovable, not discounting the fact that he's very handsome. =)

Arrgh, am bored! Help!