Saturday, March 26, 2005

bored at home

....I know, I shouldn't feel bored at this time of year. It's the Lent! But i am. Is this a sign that I am a workaholic? Dennis said I need to have a hobby aside from work and ewok. But what? Cross stitch? Nah, too domesticated. I want adventure. I like travel. If I could only afford, I should have been on my way to some of the places on my list. Sigh...

...but tomorrow, we are going to Argao to visit Mommy's aunt (our closest relative ever here in Cebu). Stay for a night and on Sunday, go to the beach in Argao! they say beach is good out there. My cousin owns a big pumpboat so we will do some island hopping too. but I am not a swimmer so I'd better think twice.

...cdo trip is on april 8th. ewok said he is afraid of taking the boat. he is afraid of drowning. now that's the influence of movies. another problem is ewok might refuse to walk down the aisle (at beb's wedding) as the Bible bearer. He is a shy kid. Now that means I have to walk with him? With my bulk? Nah, I'll let his dad accompany him.

...yeah, another meeting with the dad. Hope all will be ok. I want to discuss with him is 'responsibilities' as a father to ewok. he cannot just go on with his life pretending that ewok does not exist!

...cdo trip is also the time to reunite with my college buddies: en-en, jinkee and jerlie. we will all meet in cdo (timoga plan is erased) since jerlie avoids travelling with her condition (5 mos on the way). My, there's only Jinkee left with singlehood! Hah! As if I am married. I am still half-single though. Hehehe.

...haven't spoken to my frog prince. he is busy with travel. we tried catching up last week but I was soo busy that I totally forgot he was still in sametime! bad leeza.

i'b better go off now. my company will kill me calling from home. =)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tinolang Manok

Last Saturday, my sister and I had a HUGE fight. A shouting match really and all because of "tinolang manok". Yes, a petty reason that ended in a cat-fight (verbally). She wants to eat "tinolang manok" but since we do not have the "rekados", the maid cooked "adobong manok" instead. She took her seat at the dining table and when she saw the viand, got up and looked into the ref (maybe she was looking for the veggies?). Out came this words: "Wala diay namercado og tarong Leeza?". Here I was, lounging on the settee, watching this dance contest show. Hearing that, my steam blew off. All the sentiments I had about the managing the house, marketing, paying the bills (squeezing them all with work and ewok) poured out. Voices were raised, angry words were exchanged. She then shouted, "I am moving out - bringing all my stuff!" I retorted: "Go on, I don't care. You think I cannot live without you?". Huh!

Then 2 days of cold war. 2 days of not seeing each other and text messages. I admit it was too heavy for me. I mean, she and ewok are all I have in this life. Losing mom was hard and now this cold war with Ate? I prayed for a humble heart but I guess the stubborn in me prevailed. I was thinking of sending her an e-card but knowing that her email will just reject it, I kept my silence. Then she texted me yesterday. Telling me that she is going to Bohol for the Holy week and be back on Sunday. Plans of going to Argao (Mama Lelang) was suddenly threatened. It's no fun going there without her. But, as promised, me, ewok, yaya and papoo will still go on Friday back on Sunday. Going to the beach is the highlight of this trip, not discounting the "bonding" we will all experience. Ewok will have fun too, with all the cousins he can play with. My God, my son is really bored to tears at the house. =(

From there on, the ice slowly melted. I can say we are ok now. She's now in Bohol, catching up with friends, me at work, wrapping things up for the long Holidays.

All I can say is this: I can better live life without enemies. After all, we all need our rest, right? Hehe.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Missing Home

Nothing compares to HOME. Although mine is not as good and clean as Singapore, it's good to be back. Four days in Regent Hotel, good food (no more Indonesian food puhlease!), and right hand drive made me realized nothing can beat Cebu. Home is where the heart is, so they say.

It was purely business travel. We had a quick city tour but that was just it. The rest of the nights were spent having dinner with the bosses. The days were also spent in class, visit to warehouse, and to meetings. Phew! But I had a good time though. Company was good. =) We all had our share of bloopers. Hehehe. Will post some pics soon.

As to my frog prince, I chatted with him today, after 2 weeks of chat abstinence. We exchanged sms once in a while but it was never the same. It was nice talking to him again. He felt the same way. I'm looking forward tomorrow as he said he'll buzz me. Now, why am I looking forward to this special 'moments' with him? Hmmm....

You might also be wondering why 'frog prince'? 'cause he saved a frog once while driving...a gentle soul...