Thursday, April 21, 2005

Penny for a small talk, anyone?

Today marks the most challenging day of my stay here in Teradyne. Today, I sacked an employee. After weeks of being stretched to my limits and munching chocolates, decision was finally made. Decision came from the whole Management team, not just from me but the burden of investigation, small meetings with the employee rested on me. The meeting went well, discussion was handled by my boss, who, delivered the talk very smoothly. The employee understood perfectly. I was asked if there is something I wish to say to the agent, all I can manage to say is none as my eyes were filling up fast and a big lump of tears is already in my throat.

You see, it is very difficult to terminate someone when you know that his family only depends on this job. I know his family, his daughter. And as a provider, I know how tough it is going home to your wife with the sad news. I cried after he said thanks and bid goodbye. He even asked if it is ok if he will not say goodbye to the people in the office, and I said it is ok if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

I needed to talk to someone. I started chatting with Peter but he seem busy. I hate bugging him in a middle of a busy day.

Penny for a small talk, anyone?

Friday, April 01, 2005

Female and living the life!

...I am suffering from one of the commonest reasons why ladies file sick leaves - dysmenorrhea! Uurrgh, I feel like I'm in labor! This time of the month makes me reminisce that fateful January 22, 2000 when I gave birth to my dearest ewok. Although his coming to the world was a moment to rejoice but the labor pains were untolerable (pero CS ko ha!). And it feels like that now. But I am not entirely complaining. With my condition (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome), I should be thankful for it.

...the office is too quiet since 2 agents are on leave. Lite jazz is on my music. Cool.

...argao trip was ok. we never rode the boat (as there was none!). =( Ewok had fun too. It was the first time I saw him literally sat down with the water at waist high. I guess it's bec of the cool and clean water. It was really good! Water was so clear as a pool and no floating leaves were to be seen anywhere. Of course, with this inviting water, i didn't hesitate to have a dip. I'll post some pics soon.

...Ewok got the Best in Arts award. Recognition day is tomorrow. Gotta look good. =)

...Jhed went home and Ann is on day-off and Cheryl is on leave. Sigh...there's only me and Kathy. I am doing this blog on my breaktime. Got to unwind a little bit. Then back to Jan's evaluation...when will this end???

...CC anniv on sunday. Hope i will have fun. Can't swim though bec of ...

gotta run!