Saturday, October 22, 2005

Of doing things differently

I know I've been quiet for sometime with my bloglife. It's just that there's not much good stuff to share. I don't wanna clog up this site with my musings and grievances. I know there so many things I should be thankful for but why am I feeling gripey lately?

I know why, it just took me this long to admit it. It's because I haven't accepted yet my "life". A picture of my highschool friends touring Europe brought feelings I never knew I have. There was envy, dissatisfaction, and regret??? How come these pics triggered these feelings? because I dreamt this with them in highschool, more so in College but my life took a different course because of the choices I made. I know I'm being ungrateful in saying these things but this time I want to be honest with myself. If given the chance of turning back time, I would have done things differently.

But who said I coudn't do what they just did? They may have realized their dreams a little earlier than mine but, hey, I still have many years and chances of seeing the world! And how fun it would be to share this experience with my son.

p.s. Blogging makes me pull myself out of the pits I have in life. I guess its seeing everything written down that makes me see the difference.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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