Saturday, November 19, 2005


We exchanged sms.
Asked how each is faring with life.
Pleasantries were exchanged.
Bringing us to the old days.
Old memories.
Old feelings.

Then I asked about his daughter.
Found out the sad plight of the child.
He's planning to get the child from the mother.
Cause she's got a new family now.

It hurt.
Cause this time there was no denial that it's his.
That his daughter will get to know him the way his son won't.
Maybe that's how life is.
Daughter gets a dad. Son has his mom.

I was angry.
To the mother of the girl.
After all what happened, she just casually passed her responsibility to her own mother.
But who am I to judge.
For sure she has her own reasons.

I felt guilty.
That our children has to suffer for the selfish choices we made.

Oooh, life.

But then who said it was easy?